Writing in my Head

My journal is forlornly sitting with a stack of other things on my desk: my Lenten readings waiting to be put into my binder, an copy of an order for water filters for the fridge and Brita pitcher, a cookbook, my planner and a blank “compass“. I’m avoiding it like it were a pit of […]

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What Does He See In Her?

Part of my personal Lenten journey this year is being spent with the Jesuits and their “Igniting Our Values” series.  Today’s reflection centered around “Our Lady of Aranzazu” and the writer today’s reflection (Father Jack Bentz, SJ) wrote about his attempt to understand with St. Ignatius was entranced by “Our Lady of Aranzazu”. I really […]

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Butter & The Beast

It was a beautiful summer evening in Washington DC. I was on a date with a gentleman I had met while in New York City earlier in the year. We’d shared a beautiful meal at Central Michel Richard, a bottle of wine, and I had promised to show him one of my favorite spots on […]

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We Live Life in the Middles

How has your week been? Mine has been this beautiful combination of Zen and Stress, which is to say that it’s been flat out normal. Isn’t it funny how easily it would be to focus on the stressful parts and forget about the zen parts? I got caught in that cycle in my head Thursday […]

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Hello, Santa. Sing Me a Song.

Today, I am listening to a children’s choir sing holiday songs.  How appropriate when today’s Holidalies Theme is Christmas Songs?  I love the serendipity of life. The kiddos are sticking to the basics and drawing a crowd. I’ve heard Jingle Bells, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause, and more.  […]

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Culinary Childhood Memories

My first fancy dress came from Neiman Marcus. It was a pink and white gingham long dress purchased for me to wear at my cousin Judy’s wedding, where I would hand out pink silk roses filled with rice. I was four. Even at four, I understood that every day play clothes didn’t come from Neiman […]

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The Morning Ritual

It begins with filtered water, fresh beans, and the touch of a button. Five minutes later, I am duly rewarded with the heady brew that is coffee. Though my perpetual to-do list and the energy of the world both urge me to rush, rush, hurry, hurry, I do not. I will not. This is a […]

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The Circle of a Decade

I’m a bit of a history lover, so I’ve never forgotten December  7, 1941 – a Day that will Live in Infamy. Pearl Harbor. The day the US was pulled into the Second World War. Pearl Harbor Day marks a personal date for me as well. On December 7, 2004, I stood before a judge […]

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Remembering Pearl Harbor

  “It is said that patriotism is the love of country. I think it is the love of the things about your country that you don’t want to see lost—that you want to see perpetuated—and you’re willing to sacrifice to ensure it.”–General David M. Shoup, USMC   I am rarely without words visiting Ford Island […]

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Shop Until You Drop?

Though this may sound a little strange, JB and I don’t exchange Christmas presents. We buy what we need throughout the year. We indulge in an item we really want here and there. But there’s no sense in feeling obligated to buy at Christmas. I did happen to be in the mall yesterday, though. Presents […]

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